Uncharted: More To Come For Franchise

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When Naughty Dog release the last Uncharted game, they made it clear that the game will be the final installment for the Uncharted story but it looks like there might be more to come.

Nathan Fillion, the actor for the game posted an image of Drake with the caption “Sic Parvis Magna”. As we know, the main character of the game is Nathan Drake and the Latin caption is what is engraved on his ring so it is clear who Nathan Fillion is referring to.

The second image posted on Instagram was a map with a magnifying glass. In both images, the date 16th of July was mentioned in the caption so fans are now thinking that there might be an UNcharted related announcement happening on the 16th of July.

Of course, it might not be about a new game at all as there have long been rumors about the game possibly being turned into a movie. Whatever the case is, we are only a few days away so the wait will be over soon.

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