Uncharted: Hidden Franchise Fact Revealed

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The Uncharted franchise has been around for years now and with such a huge fanbase, it is hard to imagine that there might be something that the fans might not know about.

However, according to Jonathan Cooper the Animator, there is one secret that a lot of people do not know about. He revealed that the red indicator in the UI that shows up when the character is under attack is actually not a health meter but a “luck” meter.

It was added that when the luck of Drake runs out, the gunfire from his enemy will kill him. This also explains why Drake tends to survive getting shot by multiple enemies at the same time.

The fans were of course surprised by this announcement as nobody really thought that it was all about luck. The last Uncharted 4 was the last game of the franchise, although fans are hoping that the game would come back in the future.

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