Unbreakable Samsung Galaxy S4: What It Really Means

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors are going into overdrive with the latest saying we may see it as early as next month. So what exactly will we see. The S4 will supposedly boast a quad core processor and a camera of 13 megapixels. However word now is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could also come with a display that is unbreakable. So what exactly is that?

Samsung Galaxy S4 unbreakable display rumors

Samsung have for some years been testing flexible, unbreakable technology, this has been seen at CES and other places; however it hasn’t been brought to the market yet.

An analyst (Mark Newman) recently said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 will make use of the tech and will have fold-able or bendable screens. Can you imagine a device that is squishy? This could be something along the line of a Koosh phone.

If Samsung deliver the Galaxy S4 by the middle of 2013 and it comes with the unbreakable display, it could be one of the best summers ever for Android and Galaxy fans, along with those who love gadget torture tests. Could the display prove to actually be unbreakable? Given that it is plastic based and designed to be bendable, it would mean that it won’t shatter like other screens given that their rigid glass bodies are their biggest weakness. However it is definitely not unbreakable and is just a name coined for the new screen technology.

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