January: Samsung Galaxy S3 First, iPhone 5 Slips To 7th Place In Sales

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Apple has only managed to reach spot 7 with the Apple iPhone 5 last month in the best-selling handset chart.

Mobile Tracker Polls for January said that the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the Samsung Galaxy S2 all took spots above the flagship device of Apple.

There was another surprise in the form of the Symbian based Nokia 100 and C2-01 as these devices were in places four and five, which were in front of the Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone and the 610, which came in at eight and nine.

The LG Nexus 4 beat the Apple iPhone 5 too as it came in in sixth position in the overall sales chart.

It may be no big surprise to see the Apple iPhone 5, which came third when launched in October, beater by the Samsung Galaxy S3 in January.

What is a bit of a shock is that the device has been outsold by the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is two years old, along with the budget priced Symbian handset.

The Apple iPhone 4S has dropped off in popularity over the past couple of months. In October the handset was the second best seller in the UK and in December it came in at number five. By January it had gone to tenth place.

It seems that the UK is loyal to Samsung, however after this the rankings have been shaken up and this has seen the iPhone Apple 4S left in the dust in favour of devices from LG and Nokia.

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