Uber: Go To Samsung Stores, Get Free Phone

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Who doesn’t love Uber these days? It’s safe, reliable and so convenient that you wouldn’t really want to get a car of your own, unless you’re bringing a girl out on a date and Uber-ing her wouldn’t be the best way to go. You can always do many other things with your own personal car. But relationships aside, you have got to take Uber if you’re in dire need of a new phone.

The recent collaboration between Uber and Samsung is so exciting that it would get you obsessed with its free-ride service, the chance to win phones and having access to exclusive experiences in their brand-new Samsung 837 store. All you’ve got to do to be part of this awesomeness, follow some few simple steps as stated below.

1. Open the app between 11am – 7pm in Manhattan (125th Street and below) and in selected areas of Brooklyn on Monday, February 29 through Saturday, March 5.

2. Tap the Profile icon on the left and select the PROMOTIONS menu option.

3. Enter this code in your app: 837NYC, for the chance to request your free ride to the Samsung 837 store. This is to unlock the special ‘SAMSUNG’ option.

4. Request the ‘SAMSUNG’ option on the bottom slider in your app starting at 11am.

5. If a car is available, you’ll ride free in a custom SUV to the Samsung 837 store and be entitled to win some daily limited giveaways.

Just bear this in mind that your trip would be completely free; so when are we getting Apple to do something similar again?

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