Truck Fans Don’t Show Love For 2017 Honda Ridgeline

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The Honda Ridgeline has been getting many awards but one thing that the vehicle doesn’t get is love from fans of trucks.

The Honda Ridgeline comes with a bed but it doesn’t have many off the road features, so it isn’t going to offer what vehicles such as the Toyota Tacoma has to offer. Due to this fans of trucks don’t think that the Ridgeline deserves to be called a truck.

Honda didn’t really intend for the Honda Ridgeline to go up against trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma. Honda realise that consumers need a vehicle that comes with bigger storage and so they decided that the Ridgeline is going to be the perfect fit.

The Honda Ridgeline offers the V6 3.5 litre engine and this is going to come with the six speed automatic transmission. It offers up 280 horsepower and 262 torque and the vehicle is able to tow up to a maximum of 5000lbs.

You should be able to get up to 18mpg from the Honda Ridgeline when you are out on driving in the city and about 25mpg when travelling out on the highway.