Transference: What There Is To Know

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Transference will be the new first-person psychological thriller game from Ubisoft. Here is what we know about the game so far.

The game will start off with us playing a person that stumbles upon the work of a mad scientist. Raymond Hayes. We learn that the mad scientist was working on trying to get a person’s consciousness onto a computer which leads to him uploading his family into the simulation but things did not go the way he thought it would.

Those that got to try out the game describe it as an escape room type of game where players will have to pick up clues and guide to get to the next stage. The game will be released for the Xbox One, PS4, PSVR, Vive, and Oculus.

Transference will be released on the 18th of September. The demo for the game is available on PS4 and PSVR right now.

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