Toyota Tacoma vs 2016 Honda Ridgeline In Best Buck Battle

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The Toyota Tacoma is taking on the 2016 Honda Ridgeline in a best buck battle, but which of the two is worthy of your money?

The Toyota Tacoma and the 2016 Honda Ridgeline are both superb vehicles for anyone who wants a vehicle that offers an open bed and which offers lots of flexibility. Both of them are classed as being mid-sized trucks and both have been popular.

In a lot of ways it is the Honda Ridgeline that comes out ahead of the Toyota Tacoma, however you may think not.

Out of the two it is the Honda Ridgeline that offers up the better cabin of the two and it has more class than the Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma comes with a more rugged cabin that the Ridgeline.

The engine in the Honda Ridgeline is the V6 with 6 speed automatic gears and this gives you 280 horse power and 22mpg combined.

The bed in the Honda Ridgeline is longer than the Toyota Tacoma and it offers a tailgate that is hinged at the side and the bottom. This allows the tailgate to be swung out to the left or dropped down.

There are lots of safety features in the Honda Ridgeline and it did well in crash tests. The vehicle comes with support for USB, cruise control, in-bed trunk and air conditioning and it comes with a price of about $30,000. If you want to add on all the different options you can expect to pay out $43,000.

But would your choice be the Honda Ridgeline or would you choose the Toyota Tacoma?