Toyota Tacoma Reveals Long-Term Scars

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There is a lot to like about the Toyota Tacoma, but the vehicle turning rusty certainly isn’t one of them. Toyota has learnt a hard lesson with the Tacoma and it is costing them $3.4 billion in settlements as owners in the US have brought federal class action suit against them due to vehicles rusting through.

The vehicles that are affected are said to include the 2005 to 1010 versions of the Toyota Tacoma and about 1.5 million vehicles are involved. The owners of the vehicles said that Toyota failed when it came to rust proofing them correctly and this resulted in corrosion of the vehicles.

Toyota hasn’t admitted any wrongdoing but they are inspecting vehicles for 12 years and this starts from the day they were sold. They will then determine if the frame should be entirely replaced or give owners their money back if they have already gone ahead and paid for a replacement frame.

Do you own a Toyota Tacoma which has gone rusty?

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