Toyota Tacoma Pushes 2018 Toyota Camry To One Side

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Toyota is making some big changes and they want a higher production of the Toyota Tacoma while they plan on slowing down production of the 2018 Toyota Camry. So the Camry has been pushed to one side by the Tacoma. This might mean that the Camry will lose position as being the best-seller.

The plans of Toyota mean that their line-up will be in demand in the US where crossovers and SUVs are now in high demand. Toyota said that they want to make more pickup trucks.

Right now they make a ratio that is split down the middle between cars and trucks but they are going to change this to 40-60 split and the favour is going to be for trucks. At the San Antonio plant they are running three shifts and this will remain in place while upgrades have been completed. The plant should then become more productive by 2018.

Sales of both the Toyota Tacoma and the Tundra have increased during the past few years. During 2013 sales were 272,000 and by 2015 they sold 300,000. In 2016 it was 310,000 sales.