Toyota Tacoma Has Lost Some Of Its Bounce

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The Toyota Tacoma seems to have lost a lot of the bounce that it had. This was realised when Toyota filed a defect report. In the report it said that the 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma along with the Pre-Runner suffers from defective leaf springs. They said that the recall covers 711,000 trucks in the range and any trucks that were involved had letters sent to the owners. This is an issue that has been going on for some time, in fact 18 months up to now.

The issue is down to the suspension at the back on the Toyota Tacoma along with the Pre-Runner. The vehicles use leaf springs that offer four or three leafs and it is these that have a defect in them. The broken leaf may lose position and they could then have contact with the components surrounding them, one could be the fuel tank.

There is a fix for the Toyota Tacoma and the Pre-Runner and owners can have their vehicles fixed by having technicians replace them.

The Toyota Tacoma has lost some of the spring that it had, however while owners have had to wait for stock of springs to arrive there is good news as a second letter is being sent out to owners.

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