Toyota Supra Manual Transmission Confirmed!?

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For the Supra fans, it would be a dream to have the upcoming Supra come in with a manual transmission and while Toyota has now confirmed that it is going to happen, you might not want to celebrate yet.

According to Toyota, the Toyota Supra will be getting a manual transmission but Toyota also added that the stick shift will only be developed for the right-hand drive market which means markets like the US and Europe will not be getting that options.

Markets that will benefit from this include Japan, Australia, UK, and South Africa. Of course, even if they already have it developed, they might not even offer it when the Supra arrive as Toyota added that they have not made a final decision yet and that they will need to see the feedback from the market first.

Well, having some SUpra come with manual transmission is better than nothing but the left-hand drive fans will not be happy that they are being left out.

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