Toyota Supra Is Everything It Does Not Need To Be

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One of the reason why the Toyota fans were so happy when Toyota announced that they were going to release a new Toyota Supra was because they assume that the Supra will be coming in to be the more powerful version of the GT86 model but from what we are hearing about the Toyota Supra now, it looks like that is not what Toyota had in mind.

The Supra was appealing because it offered performance without the huge price tag but we are not sure the same can be said about the upcoming model. According to Toyota, the new Toyota Supra will be coming in with a lower body with a wider track and shorter wheelbase.

Toyota also hinted that the vehicle could offer about 389lb ft of torque when it arrives similar to what the Lexus F-Series is offering right now. As Toyota continues to reveal more about the vehicle, the fans seem less and less convinced that this is the Supra that have been waiting for.

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