Toyota Supra Dashes Any Manual Coupe Dreams

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There is not a whole lot of details about both the BMW Z4 and the Toyota Supra but based on we have heard so far, it looks like those waiting for a manual coupe model will be very disappointed.

Previous reports suggest that while the BMW Z4 might come with a manual transmission, there is not going to be a coupe model. All eyes were on the Toyota Supra but now new reports claim that the Toyota Supra will be coming in without a manual transmission option.

Of course, the fans are not happy about it as they feel like the manual transmission is what made the Supra so appealing. Without the manual transmission, it feels like it defeats the purpose of offering the Supra.

The new came from Autocar and while most people think that it is accurate, others are hoping that Autocar got it wrong and that a manual option will still be offered.

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