Toyota RAV4, C-HR Price Hike Unavoidable?

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We still do not know what will come with the automotive tariffs proposal by the Trump administration but automakers are already trying to come out with a possible solution to this unexpected issue in the future.

According to Toyota’s North American operation CEO, Jim Lents, the company would consider increasing the price of some of their imported models if that does happen. The other option would be to stop importing cars and only focus on those that are built here in the US.

Toyota does have a lot of models that are built here in the US like the Toyota Camry, Highlander and TUndra but models like the Toyota RAV4 and the popular Prius range are imported models and this could mean that we might have to stay goodbye to those.

At this point, it is hard to say which is the better option. Not getting it at all or get it at a higher price. What do you think?

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