Toyota Prius May Be Living Its Final Days

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Electric vehicles have become the in-thing and carmakers are offering them up with a range of 300 miles. With this in mind the Toyota Prius could be living its last few days as the vehicle doesn’t have what it needs for it to be able to compete.

Toyota realise that if they want to keep up they have to do something and launching an electric vehicle is the way forward. They have now set up an in-house company so that staff can work independently towards bringing out a new all electric vehicle. They have been ahead in fuel cell technology but now they are working on launching an electric vehicle by 2020 on Japan.

The development and research team at Toyota will have to bring out an electric vehicle that can offer up a range of around 300 miles if they are to compete. Right now they have focused on fuel cell and the Mirai has been the ultimate for eco-cars.

When Toyota launches the new electric vehicle it could be time to say goodbye to the Toyota Prius.

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