Toyota Prius Isn’t Just A Hybrid, It’s A Prius

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The Toyota Prius has managed to keep its place on top of the hybrid market and it is now synonymous with the word hybrid.

When you are drinking soda you are not just having a soda, you are having a Coke, the real deal, and no sometimes a Pepsi just will not suffice. The same can be applied to the Toyota Prius. You are not just driving a hybrid, you are driving a Prius.

There hasn’t been any other hybrid vehicle that has been able to come close to toppling the Toyota Prius from its perch. The Honda Insight and Ford C-Max have both tried and not managed it.

But will the Hyundai Ioniq be the first hybrid to take the crown from the Toyota Prius? The Ioniq does have better looks along with the right numbers, so it could put up a serious challenge.

The Toyota Prius offers a combined fuel economy rating of 52mpg while the Ioniq offers 55mpg. The Prius Eco even loses out with 56mpg against the Ioniq Blue at 58mpg. It also loses out in pricing as the hybrid from Korea has a starting price that is $3,000 cheaper.

So will the Hyundai Ioniq be able to knock the Toyota Prius from its pedestal? In the US more than two million people chose the Prius. So perhaps people will stick with Toyota instead of taking a leap of faith and going with the Hyundai Ioniq.