Toyota Prius’ Figures Aren’t Getting Any Better

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The Toyota Prius has been on a downward spiral and we are not just talking about the sales of the vehicle in China. It seems that the Prius has also been losing out in Japan and China.

Sales of the Toyota Prius in China during December were dire as they have almost flat lined. Only one unit of the Prius was sold during December and this was the first unit sold since May 2016. In China last year only 76 units were sold over the entire year, in comparison to the 700 sold during 2015.

The Toyota Prius has been something of a unique vehicle that stands out on its own as it doesn’t come under any of the familiar categories in China. Sales of the vehicle have declined as people have turned to the Corolla and Camry. Both have been popular as they have a price tag that is similar to the Prius, but they both have brand recognition that is strong.

Toyota hasn’t produced the Toyota Prius in China since 2015 and this means that if you buy the vehicle you have to pay 25% customs tax on imports. A Prius hybrid that is imported will cost the equivalent of $33, 455 and for this price you can get behind the wheel of the Audi Q3 SUV.

The new Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid has started selling in Japan and it will be heading to Europe this March; however it isn’t going to be offered in China.

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