Toyota Prius Delays Its Demise To EVs

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Toyota isn’t going to say goodbye to electric vehicles just yet as they are about to make improvements to batteries to help improve the range and the service life of said batteries that they use in their hybrid and electric vehicles. By doing so they hope to make sure that they won’t be put in the shadows by fully electric vehicles.

The carmaker has a system that watches how the lithium ions are behaving in the batteries that are used in vehicles including the Prius+ and Prius Hybrid. This applies to when the battery is being discharged and charged. Toyota is able to see in real time the deviation of the lithium ions and this is one of the main causes behind deterioration in battery performance.

Toyota said that they can use the data to form guidelines when researching and developing batteries and they can then improve the durability along with the performance of the battery, which would lead to longer life and range for electric vehicles.

A spokesperson for Toyota in the UK said that it was an ongoing experiment and Toyota are not making figures known at the moment about the amount of extra performance and longevity they can get from the batteries.

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