Toyota Prius Could Be On Its Way Out Soon

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Thanks to the fact that some of the electric vehicles on the market offer up a 300 mile range and Toyota having to do something to compete, it is thought that the Toyota Prius may be on the way out. This is due to the fact that the vehicle is unable to compete in the market.

Toyota realises that they have to do something to compete and so they set up the in-house company to focus on research and development of an electric vehicle that can compete in the market.

Up to now Toyota has been focusing on fuel cell technology along with hybrid vehicles but they realise that they do need an electric vehicle that can offer up arrange of around 300 miles. Of course they are not giving up on eco-cars as the Toyota Mirai is the ultimate of eco-cars.

Toyota is hoping to launch an EV in Japan in 2020 and when this happens it could be that there isn’t a space left on the market for the Toyota Prius.

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