Toyota Prius & Auris Hybrids Recalled Again

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Toyota will be issuing a recall to recall back their Toyota Prius and Toyota Auris once more. These models were recalled previously but it looks like it is not problem free just yet.

According to Toyota, these vehicles might have stalling issues as there is a chance for them to enter a “failsafe” driving mode, lose power and stall. If this happens, the power steering and braking will still work but it will still put the driver and passenger in great danger especially when the car is driving at a fast speed.

Toyota added that the solution would be to update the software of the vehicles. The recall will affect a total of 807,000 units of vehicle here in the US. Models from Japan, Europe, and China will also be affected by the recall.

They recited three reports in Japan last year that brought the issue to light.

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