Toyota Prius And Chevy Bolt Flattened By Hyundai Ioniq

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The Hyundai Ioniq is competing against some of the best electric vehicles and hybrids and it has flattened the Chevrolet Bolt and the Toyota Prius.

We now have the official figures of the Hyundai Ioniq and we can tell you that it has come in well ahead of the others. The Ioniq offers up 55mpg combined, 54mpg driving on the highway and 55mpg when in the city. The Toyota Prius offers up 52mpg combined, 50mpg driving on the highway and 54mpg when in the city.

The Toyota Prius Eco offers up 56mpg combined, 53mpg out driving on the highway and 58mpg city driving. The Ioniq Blue came out ahead with 58mpg combined, 57mpg on the highway and 59mpg driving in the city.

The Toyota hasn’t been the only one to have suffered at the hands of the Hyundai Ioniq as the Chevrolet Bolt has too. It falls short of the figures offered by Hyundai and the Ioniq Electric is now said to be the most efficient of all the electric cars in the country.

The all-electric version of the Hyundai Ioniq offers up a fuel economy ranting of 125MPGe and the Bolt is 119MPGe. The closest vehicle to the Ioniq is the BMW i3, offering 124MPGe.

The Hyundai Ioniq has been very popular in South Korea as it has taken 57% of the total EV sales.

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