Toyota Mirai & Prius Won’t Match Grain Of New EV

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Toyota is insane, and we don’t even know if we should call label their latest creation as good crazy or bad crazy. They apparently have got this idea that people wood be interested in: the Toyota Setsuna electric concept, that’s made primarily of wood with a boat-like body. Sure, it looks really cool and something we’ve yet to see, but would you really get one?

Whether you like it or not, Toyota is still going to debut it at the Milan Design Week next month. Perhaps one thing that would make it more favourable is the fact that the durability of the wood could change over time, hence, providing uniquely appealing characteristics of colours that you can’t find on conventional cars. Okay, maybe one point for them in that case.

Don’t mistake the Setsuna name for the one you’ve seen on Gundam, but rather, Toyota used this because it means “moment”. It reflects how people experience precious, fleeting “moments” together with their vehicles. Right, fair enough. But seriously though, the whole concept of it looks too good to be true (and we think the Prius and Mirai wouldn’t stand a chance anymore).

Wood–we meant, would you really like to get one?

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