Toyota Looking To Take On China With Geely’s Help

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It looks like Toyota might end up working with Geely to come out with their next gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle. It is believed that this move was made to ramp up sales in China as well as getting their toes wet in the latest automatic technologies.

Toyota reveals that they are communicating with Geely about gasoline-electric hybrid technology. We do not know what they want out of the discussion but some reports are claiming that it will involve the Chinese supplier of electric battery technology that both these companies have already been associated with. A report also claims that we will be hearing more about this soon.

We know that Toyota has been offering hybrid cars in China since 2015 and it is believed that they will be offering their plug-in hybrid option for both the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Levin next year.

We have not heard from Geely since this was leaked

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