Toyota Looking To Solve Blind Spot Issue

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While most people would adapt to the blind spot of the car, there is no denying that having blind spots puts the driver and the pedestrians in danger. That is where Toyota’s new patent will come in handy.

Toyota has just published a patent to solve some of the blind spot issues that drivers have. Their suggested solution is to have a transparent A-Piller. The patent which is titled “Apparatuses and Methods for Making An Object Appear Transparent” and the images showed what looked like a transparent A-Pillar allowing the driver to see past it.

Not only will this solve the blind spot issue but designers will also be very happy since they won’t have to work around the position of the car pillar anymore since it won’t matter with this new tech.

Of course, this is a just a patent. Whether it will appear on a production model is still a mystery.

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