Toyota Land Cruiser Will Outlast Their Rivals

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There are more than a few great SUVs out there but it looks like the Toyota Land Cruise is still on top when it comes to outlasting their rivals. has just released the new list of vehicles that owners will keep the longest. According to the reports, an average owner will keep their vehicle for about 7.3 years before they sell it off but the Toyota Land Cruiser is doing way better than that.

In the report, it was revealed that most Toyota Land Cruiser owner will keep the vehicle for 10.6 years before they sell it off, that is three years more than average. It is believed that the great durability of the vehicle is the reason why most owners choose to keep it around for such a long time.

Some other SUVs that manages to last longer than the average 7 years includes the Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer and more.

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