Toyota In More Turmoil Following RAV4 Failure

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Toyota may be the biggest car maker in the world but things are not going good for them at the moment as they have seen 4 months of consistent losses when it comes to sales. Now they are in more turmoil as there is an investigation into the RAV4 which has been found to be faulty from production.

There has been a report from the NHTSA that showed that the RAV4 suffers an issue with the rod adjustment nut resting onto the rear control arm and this means that it can rust if it isn’t tightened. This may result in the vehicle running without balance and so there is a risk that it could crash.

In the US 337,000 vehicles are said to have been affected and the issues are with the Toyota RAV4 which was made between 31 October 2005 and 7 September 2010 along with the Lexus HS250h made between 6 July 2009 and 26 August 2010.

The Toyota RAV4 and Lexus HS250h are being recalled and owners notified.

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