Toyota C-HR Hy-Power: Best Of Both Worlds

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Most people will be asked to choose between having a fuel efficient vehicle and a powerful one but Toyota plans to make things easier with their Toyota C-HR Hy-Power vehicle.

The concept was shown off at the Frankfurt Motor Show and as the name would suggest, the Toyota concept is a mix of efficiency and power. The vehicle will come with a hybrid powertrain that will not only help save fuel but it will also boost the hp of the engine so that it produces more than the standard C-HR model which delivers about 144hp and 139lb ft of torque right now.

To separate the C-HR Hy-Power from the standard model, Toyota also gave the vehicle and exterior upgrade. They also played around with the color of the vehicle so that it stands out even more.

There is not a whole lot of information right now but Toyota did say that they will be releasing more details about the hybrid technology next year.

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