Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC Brings In New-Gen Warlords

Total War: Three Kingdoms will be getting a new DLC soon. Called A World Betrayed, the new DLC is all about adding new factions, story events, missions, and units.

The new DLC will start off from the assassination of Dong Zhou by Lu Bu. Sun Ce, on the other hand, will be starting his conquest of Jiangdong. Liu Bei has also succeeded Tao Qian. These are actually a pretty big change to the game which is nice.

The new DLC will be released on PC on the 19th of March along with a patch that will be released on the DLC with different fixes and updates. There is still a lot more about the DLC that the developer is not telling us right now so hopefully, more details will come to light soon.

Check out the trailer for the new DLC below.