Top Upcoming Sprint Phones (2013)

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We are now into February of 2013 and we have some superb devices to look forward to, albeit some of them have yet to be made official. However there are five handsets making their way to Spring in 2013, up to now, that we know about. Two of these happen to be official, while another two are unofficial and we are waiting for the announcement of the other.

The first of these devices and perhaps the most important one is the Blackberry Q10. This is thought to be coming to Sprint in May of this year. However the most anticipated is the Blackberry Z10, which Sprint has not announced just yet. However the Q10 is a big deal as it has to take over from the Blackberry Bold and up to know it does look promising.

Then there is the Kyocera Torque, E6710, which was revealed last month. This isn’t a high end device, however it does have what it needs for those on a budget, while at the same time offering plenty of performance for your every day needs.

The LG Splendour and the Samsung Galaxy Reverb are both unofficial at the moment, however we should find out about the availability of these very soon. Both of the handsets have single core processors and they do have less than 1GB of RAM. Therefore you should not expect too much from them as they are entry level handsets.

Another device that is coming to Sprint is the HTC M7. We should find out more about this handset at the MWC later on this month. The rumoured specs of the handset have been talked about and so there is no need to go through them again. HTC have a great deal of faith in the M7 and there is little doubt that Sprint will feel the same way.

Five devices will be coming to Sprint very soon, but there are two devices that Sprint will have, which is the Blackberry Z10, this is doing well in the UK, and the Samsung Galaxy 4, which should be revealed next month.

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