Top 3 Phones On The Market (Get Your Xmas List Ready!)

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There are numerous handsets on the market all competing for the number one slot on the Christmas lists this year. If you’re trying to figure out which one deserves a spot on your list, here are the top 3 phones to consider:

Top 3 phones on the market that should be on Christmas shopper’s lists

iPhone 5: The first on the list has to be the iPhone 5 as Apple has updated both the internals and the length of the device and it comes with a 4 inch display. The iPhone 5 happens to have one of the highest quality builds on a smartphone and it has a camera that is superb and the choice of apps is amazing.

The device comes with iOS6 and this brings many improvements. It does lack NFC and wireless charging, however it more than makes up for these losses in other ways. The iPhone 5 will no doubt be at the top of many Christmas lists this year and it starts at $199 for the 16GB version and goes up to $399 for the 64GB version, both on contract. If you want the device off contract then you can expect to pay over $450. You can get the iPhone 5 with all carriers apart from T-Mobile, in the US.

Samsung Galaxy S3: The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a huge hit since its release in the summer and it continues to reign thanks to some superb specs and software enhancements, some of which are seen on the Note 2 also. The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S3 takes shots that are superb and the handset works just as well as a phone and a data device. The look is sleek and very attractive and it comes with a price tag that is competitive on all carriers in the US.

The 4.8 inch screen of Super AMOLED is great and the device feels good in the hands. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes in numerous colour choices and is the higher selling smartphone of 2012 so far.

Nokia Lumia 920: Finally but by no means least is the Nokia Lumia 920. This device is exclusive to AT&T and it comes in a range of bold colours that make the device stand out as being unique. Nokia are among the best for cameras thanks to the PureView experience on the 920 and they offer camera lens apps, wireless charging, turn by turn voice navigation and free streaming and offline music through Nokia Music. It is one of the best devices running Windows Phone 8.

The downside to the Nokia Lumia 920 is that it is heavy. However with its PureMotion+ tech, which means you can control the device even when wearing gloves, the handset is amazing and deserves its place on the Christmas list.

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