Top iPhone 4S & 5 Battery Tips

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Two great handsets on the market right now for Apple fans are the Apple iPhone 4S and the latest Apple phone, the Apple iPhone 5. However all handsets have battery life issues and if you want to get the most out of your iPhone 5 or 4S you may wish to take a look at these tips.

iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S battery life tips

Stop push notifications as these can run the battery down. Go into Settings – Notifications – Notification centre and then turn it off.

If you use 3G with a poor signal your battery will run down faster than if you were on 4G with a good signal. So when the data speeds are slow you could put the handset it Airplane mode. All data will be stopped and this means that your battery lasts longer. To do this go in to Settings – Airplane mode and the switch it to on.

To boost battery head into Settings – Brightness and the slide the bar over to the left.
Lock your devices to ensure that the display is off when you don’t intend using your device. You can also enable auto lock. Head into Settings – General – Auto Lock and then choose a time when you want the device to lock automatically.

Turn off location services for your apps. Go to Settings – Privacy – Locations services and then turn off the apps that you don’t want on.

Turn off the raise to speak feature of the handset. Raise to speak is meant to activate Siri, but it does tend to drain down the battery of the device. Head to Settings – General – Siri and then turn off raise to speak.

Stop mail being pushed to your device and check it yourself to save battery. Head to Settings – Mail, contacts, calendars – Fetch data bar – Push, and then turn this to off. You should then choose how long between you want the handset to check for mail and you can put this to manual when you go to bed.

You should make sure that your OS is up to date. Go to Settings – general – Software update.

Finally you could try downloading an app that will help you to get the most out of your battery. There are many battery boosting apps on the App Store.

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