Top Five Android Apps From May 2016

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We have seen many apps come out in May 2016 but some have been worthy of talking about more than others. So what have been the top five Android apps to come out in May?

One of the best apps from May 2016 has been Airtime. This is a superb app as it takes you back to the days of Yahoo and MSN chatrooms. It gives a place for friends to meet and the app brings with it plenty of new and exciting features. It offers the typical things you would hope to find including video and photo support and it alerts you when your friends are in the same location.

Another great app for anyone who likes to watch Netflix is Random Flix. The app allows you to find something to watch very easily as you open it up and you are presented with a show at random. This app acts like a shuffle button for TV programs.

The Rock Clock is a great alarm clock for those who like the actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson. This focus is on goals but be aware that there isn’t a snooze feature on the app. It does come with motivational messages from the Rock and it is the alarm clock that the Rock has and you can sync it.

Finch is an Android Twitter client and this allows you to use more than one Twitter account. it offers plenty of features and it works fast. You are allowed to have many Twitter accounts and supports font sizes, direct messaging, photo uploads and much more.

Tomahawk Player is in beta and it is an open source music player that allows you to search for and find music. All you need to do is give it a search term and it will then find you music from both paid and free services.

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