Top Android Apps You Need To Hear About

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With so many Android apps out there, there might be some good apps that you might have missed out on. Here are some great apps that we think deserve more attention.


This app is a productivity app that will help eliminate all the frustration we have when clicking onto in-app browsers. Instead of using the System WebView browser, the app will force the app to open up Google Chrome so that you do not need to sign in to all the other pages like Facebook once more.


This app will allow you to do more with your notifications. Users do not have to launch the app to response to some of the notifications. The app will also allow you to set which apps are more important so that notifications from the app will float to the top.

Bird Switch

If you are looking for a new game to try out, why not try this one out. The game is about tapping your way through obstacles int he game. The obstacles can only be cross if your bird is the same color so you will need to keep tapping to make sure your bird matching the colors.


There are times when you just need to go and there is no toilet in sight. This app will help you find the closest toilet to you. The public will come together to report whereabouts of toilets so that they have a database on where the toilets are. Pretty useful if you ask us.


Have a vision in mind but do not know how it would turn out? Well, the Homestyler app will allow you to snap pictures of that space you plan to work on and allow you to change the colors of the wall, floors and more. You can also fit in some furniture and lighting to see if you like the end result before working on it.

Do you have any apps that you think we should know about?

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