Top 5 Android Apps You Never Heard Of

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You think you’ve seen the weirdest and most hilarious apps on your Google Play Store? Think again. That’s because apparently XDA’s got this section (or more like a thread) for “The Best Apps You’ve Never Heard Of” and you might actually need to hold on to that chair in order not to fall from laughing.

For starters, we’ve got Jet, which is a shopping app that apparently helped to satisfy the desires of this particular husband who’s prone to spend at least $300,000 a month. And that’s just the description given about the app, but we’ve got something weirder too. Another app called the Couple Tracker is meant for couples who are having trust issues, so what you can expect out of this app is that it shares both users’ call history, texts and more. Creepy.

Then there’s a Simpler Dialer which functions as the name calls it; just a stock diaper that differs from all the usual diaper apps that tend to go overboard with all the extras and ruining it eventually. The description says it’s something worthy to try before you quit the “habit of making phone calls”. Qik is one app where you’ll find yourself describing it as a mixture of Skype and Snapchat. It’s so good that you won’t be able to find anything like it.

Last but not least, every Android user should really try this: High School Simulator. It’s nostalgic, weird and pointless all at the same time but according to the description, it’s really something worth trying at least once in your lifetime. Every single day is a different day in the game, and you’d be looking forward to the pointless goals you’re achieving for, trust us.

Of course there are many other hilarious apps out there, and while we scavenged for more, do check out some of those we’ve mentioned above and give them a try. You’d probably like it.

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