Top 5 Android Apps For May 2016

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Many apps come out each week for Android phones but occasionally there are some that do raise their heads above others. So with this in mind we are taking a look at some of the top apps to come out for May 2016.

One app that deserves a mention is Airtime. This is an app that takes you back to the days of Yahoo or MSN chat rooms. This is an app designed for meeting friends and it offers some superb features. It comes with the usual photo and video support and it can tell you when your friends are around you.

Random Flix is an app that anyone who likes Netflix but who don’t want to have to scroll through things to find something to watch. All you do is open the app and a random show is offered for you to watch. This is something like a shuffle button for TV programs.

The Rock Clock is the alarm clock for fans of wrestler and movie star The Rock Dwanye Johnson. It comes with a focus on setting goals but there isn’t a snooze button. Motivational messages are offered and it even syncs up with the alarm that the Rock uses himself.

Finch for Twitter is great for those using an Android phone as it allows users to make use of more than a single account and its free. It offers numerous features and the app is fast. You are allowed to have many Twitter accounts, photo uploads, font sizes and direct messaging plus more.

Tomahawk Player Beta is an open source music player for finding music. All you need to do is type in something to search for and the app then comes up with the song. There is both free to use and paid services. At the moment the app is in the beta stage.

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