TomTom For Android GPS App Officially Available In The Google Play Store Come October

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The last anyone heard of TomTom coming to Android was that it would happen very soon. However there is more news and it seems that TomTom will be available from October in the Google Play Store, reports TalkAndroid.

TomTom for Android hits Google Play Store in October

Of course we will have to wait to see how useful it may be as the pre-packed navigation system from Google is not only functional but also very familiar and of course it is free, which is a huge bonus. At the moment nothing has been said about the price of the TomTom Android app.

It does sound as though the app may be well worth taking a look at, but while the features look good it all depends on how they work in the real world, not just on paper. The app will have world class navigation thanks to the accurate maps from TomTom and there is no need to have a data plan or mobile signal. The maps are for lifetime and come with free updates to ensure that users have the latest information. There is something called IQ Routes which means they can be relied on at all times. There will also be advanced lane guidance, street names that are spoken, 2D and 3D driving views, HF traffic which can be added on and speed cameras which can also be added on via an in-app purchase.

The Managing Director of TomTom said that bringing TomTom to Android was a significant milestone, but what do you think and is it needed?

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