Apple Lets Samsung Galaxy S3 Become All-Time Bestseller On T-Mobile

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There is nothing out there to put an end to the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile and the pink carrier has been bragging about it. The device has gone to the top of the cell phone charts on T-Mobile and T-Mobile said on their Twitter account that the S3 is a major landmark. The question is that after this revelation, do they really need the iPhone 5?

T-Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S3 breaking sales records with no iPhone 5 in sight

However the news may be better for Samsung than it is for T-Mobile as it proves that they are still as popular as ever following the recent loss in court against Apple.

Now you do have bear in mind that T-Mobile has sold less Galaxy handsets than competitors AT&T and Verizon. On the good side the Galaxy S3 has sold more units at T-Mobile than T-Mobile have sold MyTouch handsets, which were the previous record holder. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now the best-selling Android device in the world as well.

Samsung have released the Note 2, however with the large display not being suitable for all, it may be left down to the S4, when released, to take the record from the S3. One can only wonder how the iPhone 5 might have compared in sales to the Samsung Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile, had T-Mobile sold it directly. One thing is for sure, the T-Mobile and Samsung relationship is a very important one for T-Mobile and they may want to rub it in Apple’s face.

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