T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 First To Black & Now Jelly Bean

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Ever since the Jelly Bean update was announced those holding the Samsung Galaxy S3 in their hands have been patiently waiting for the update. As yet it remains unreleased but thanks to the XDA Developers Forum owners are able to get their hands on a leaked OTA update.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update leaked

Android Police have said that the leaked update is the one that T-Mobile plan to release for their version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 very soon. However users may wish to be wary when considering the update as according to the blog it does say that the build does have some bugs. These affect Wi-Fi calling, the web browser that is built in to the handset and the video player. Therefore this is not going to be final version of the update.

If you want to get your hands on the update before it is officially released by T-Mobile then you need to root your handset first says Android Police.

Interestingly, those with a Sprint or Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus have yet to see the Android Jelly Bean update despite having a “pure Google” device in their hands. On the other end of the scale, you have a non-Nexus device already set to get it.

T-Mobile of course has the most expensive Samsung Galaxy S3 on contract. However with possibly being first with updates, offering a truly unlimited data plan and even the recently leaked black T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 model spotted in the wild, the pink carrier knows what it’s doing.

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