[ALERT] Avoid The Latest Samsung Galaxy S2 Update

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T-Mobile released an update yesterday for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and it sparked a lot of interest, however it is the removal of universal search on the device that has caught the attention of owners today reports TMoNews. One reader of Android Police saw that the search was removed following the update and began to spread to word to “save” other Samsung Galaxy S2 users.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 update disables unified search

What the removal of this feature means is that owners of the handset can now only search on the internet and not on the phone itself. An example of this would be that if you searched for Twitter the handset would find and any other relevant results but it would omit the Twitter app that was installed on your device.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised by its removal as the very same thing happened to the Samsung Galaxy S3 on 17th August and there is the matter of the results of the recent court case that have to be taken into account.

So if you wish to keep your universal search feature, avoid the Samsung Galaxy S2 update at all costs – it’s not Jelly Bean after all.

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