T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Update Officially Rolls Out. Jelly Bean? Unfortunately No

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If you are on T-Mobile and you have the Samsung Galaxy S2 you could have got the shock of your life this morning if you were prompted about an update.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 update rolls out (not Jelly Bean)

T-Mobile has an update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 which is available through KIES and OTA. However don’t get too excited as it isn’t the Jelly Bean update that everyone is waiting for. This happens to be another update to Android 4.0.2, however it does offer some bug fixes.

The update will bring you to T989UVLI1 or T989UVLH1 and what’s more the update is a mere 11MB, so doing it OTA is not a worry. Improvements include a fix to the processor, enhancements to security and enhancements to Vlingo S Voice.

The T-Mobile update to Jelly Bean remains elusive at the moment. However to be fair Samsung did tell us that Singapore would be the first to get the update and this would happen in February. Therefore it could be some time before owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in the US get their hands on the Jelly Bean update.

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