How To Get T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Update Now

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Excellent news for all you T-Mobile users! We have been discussing the thrilling news of the new roll out of the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and wouldn’t you know it, it is now officially available for download.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 ICS update now out on Kies

One slightly disappointing point is that this does not work over-the-air but you need to have Samsung Kies installed on your desktop. Though the Android 4.0 update is far too good and packs way too many features to worry about something like that. The improvements on stability on performance are some of those excellent parts of the Android 4.0, along with the new TouchWiz UI and all the improvements to voicemail and Wi-Fi calls.

Not only have T-Mobile done this for you guys, but also in order to aid the Gingerbread changeover , they have also created this guide: “Top 10 things to know about TouchWiz Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update” and this should answer any questions you may have.

One thing you need to know and be prepared for is the fact that the layout on your home screen will be completely reset so you will be back to square one on that point and will have to redo it. However we do think the benefits outweigh the costs here. So, you lot with T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2, get Samsung Kies on the go and update your device right now by first downloading it.

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