Samsung Galaxy Note Is No iPhone, Obsolete In Just Weeks (T-Mobile)

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The Samsung Galaxy Note disappeared from the website of T-Mobile and is showing up on other sites as back ordered reports AndroidPolice. AP goes on to add that they have heard from a source that is reliable that the Galaxy Note has reached the end of its life with T-Mobile. It is thought that the date for EOL will be around the 1st November; however this may change as the current T-Mobile stock is reduced.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note axed very quickly

T-Mobile confirmed the Galaxy Note in April of this year with a rumor that it was coming to T-Mobile in July. However this didn’t come true and then on 16th July T-Mobile announced the Note knowing that Samsung were getting ready to unveil the Note 2 at their IFA event at the end of August in Berlin. The Note 2 was also shown when a teaser video was released for the Mobile Unpacked event.

The big question is how can T-Mobile launch the original device and have the cheek to call it a new handset when the device has been out for almost a year? The follow up to the handset is just around the corner, so it wouldn’t make sense, thank god someone at T-Mobile knows this, but will they be offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Interestingly, when you look at Apple devices like the iPhone family, you can still get an iPhone 4 & 4S (as well as a 3G on some carriers). So for T-Mobile to axe the Samsung Galaxy Note just weeks after revealing it just because the Note 2 is coming may seem a little abrupt.


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