T-Mobile iPhone 5: There’s Good & Bad News

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T-Mobile is beavering away to start up its LTE network and so has put its HSPA+ on the back burner despite recently announcing unlimited data plans. Sprint is optimistic about extending its LTE cover before 2013, but is offering its unlimited data plans until then to continue enticing consumers. Even if T-Mobile gets its LTE going in some regions, it’ll still trail in fourth place, and the big question is whether it’ll get it going before the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile iPhone 5: LTE and unlimited data plans

T-Mobile said its 3G 1,900MHz network would be up before 2012 was out, so that customers would have access to 3G speeds on more handsets like the iPhone 4S. So far, T-Mobile iPhone users will have to make do with EDGE speeds, in the hope of getting 1,900MHz later. If this happens, then the iPhone 5 will be on the unlimited data plans with the 3G capability even if T-Mobile can’t offer it with contracts.

Trials are going on, and T-Mobile could shift a few iPhone 5 buyers by offering it with unlimited data, especially as its unlimited data plans cost less than Sprint’s so having to buy the iPhone 5 off-contract may not seem like a bad idea (think savings in the long run).

So, will this LTE make it in time though? T-Mobile is trying to get 3G and unlimited data out in time for the iPhone 5, so there you go. The company won’t be offering LTE speeds until 2013 so it might only have widespread coverage for the iPhone 6!

What you need to devices is whether you want you get an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile if it came without those amazing LTE speeds? Or would you be happy with 3G speeds if you know you’re getting them cheap?

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