T-Mobile iPhone 5: Where Art Thou?

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It’s been a long time coming but if you have been waiting for the Apple iPhone 5 on T-Mobile then you will not have much longer to wait. There is some news that could put people off though and this is the fact that T-Mobile is also stopping subsidies on their devices.

T-Mobile said they would never give in to Apple demands like the other carriers in the US, including Sprint did.

The Apple iPhone 5 is one of the most popular handsets in the US and it is available with all carriers in the US. Some people have said that T-Mobile could never have the iPhone, even if the iPhone 6 is released. But T-Mobile will be offering it this year, but not on a contract. Sprint gave in to Apple and this means that it will be 2015 before the carrier will make profits.

T-Mobile has so far relied on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and there are some that have wondered why the carrier never did give in to Apple. After all, the carrier has good coverage and superb plans. However you do have to question whether the iPhone is really needed at T-Mobile. Anyone with an unlocked iPhone are able to take it to T-Mobile on a pre-paid plan.

T-Mobile will have the Apple iPhone 5 and the device is said to be coming to them in 3 to 4 months instead of 6 to 9 months. T-Mobile will offer customers the handset without subsidies and this means they will have to pay the full price if they want it, which will be around $650 compared to $200 on contract.

So while it is good news that the Apple iPhone 5 is coming to T-Mobile and the bad news is that you will have to start saving now to get it.

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