No T-Mobile iPhone 5 After All?

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T-Mobile has the lowest priced plans on carriers in the US and they will be soon be offering unlimited data plans. Their customers have had many problems getting hold of the iPhone on the carrier’s network and this has been mainly due to the lack of the carrier offering it on plans and also not supporting the 1700MHz bands which the iPhone models need for 3G speeds.

No T-Mobile iPhone 5 coming (rumor)

Now WebProNews reports that a rumor has been going around today that when the iPhone 5 is released T-Mobile will not be getting the device. WPN quotes TmoNews who managed to get their hands on two screenshots of a newsletter that was destined for employees of T-Mobile. It says that the iPhone 5 will not be available on T-Mobile and that they may wish to encourage users who have iPhones to switch. There was a section stating priorities for employees for September and it included training beats entitled ‘Selling Against the iPhone’ with a date of 21st September highlighted. This is the rumored iPhone 5 release date.

From today T-Mobile have the micro SIM kit, monthly 4G SIM, which make the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S compatible with their network. Their plan may be to get people to buy an unlocked iPhone 5 and then move it their network.

So it seems that T-Mobile consumers will not be getting their hands on the latest generation of the iPhone 5 on contract if these rumors server true. However they do have a lot of Android handsets to choose from and some of these may rival the iPhone 5 when it comes down to features and specs.

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