Want To Move Your iPhone 5 To T-Mobile? Last Day Today

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While some users can afford to buy the iPhone 5 unlocked, the majority of us have gotten it on contract and as such it comes locked to the carrier. Thankfully there is a DMCA exemption for 90 days that lets you unlock your iPhone 5 and other smartphones.

This has helped my iPhone fans jump on the T-Mobile network, the only major US carrier that is yet to officially offer the Apple device. Well things are going to change tomorrow.

Last day for locked iPhone 5 users to move to T-Mobile

Starting January 26, tomorrow, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act will make it illegal to jailbreak and unlock phones once again as the 90 day windows will be gone. What this means is that if you have a locked iPhone 5 you can’t migrate to T-Mobile an its cheaper monthly plans.

Additionally, those who frequently travel abroad appreciated this ability especially given that GSM phones like the ones supported by the T-Mobile network are well supported outside of the US.

So if you have a locked iPhone 5 or for that matter any other phone and wish to take advantage of T-Mobile’s Bring Your Own Phone campaign, today is the last day to to do so.

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