Wish To Use Your iPhone 5 On T-Mobile? Migrate Tomorrow Or Never

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Some people are lucky enough to be able to purchase an Apple iPhone 5 unlocked, while most people have to take the device on contract locked with a certain carrier. However there is a clause that allows you to unlock your handset and move to another carrier.

Moving iPhone to T-Mobile won’t be so easy anymore

This is something that many Apple iPhone owners in the US have jumped on and then taken their handset over to T-Mobile. T-Mobile have been the only major US carrier that hasn’t offered the Apple iPhone. Now things are going to make it more difficult to move your locked iPhone over to T-Mobile.

From 26th January the Digital Millennium Copyright Act has made it so that you cannot unlock or jailbreak phones. This means that if you purchase an Apple iPhone 5 that is locked on AT&T, you will not be able to move it and take advantage of the cheaper monthly plans of T-Mobile.

If you travel abroad this is a let-down too as your AT&T iPhone 5 can’t be legally unlcocked. GSM bands of the AT&T iPhone 5 are widely supported outside of the US.

If you happen to have an Apple iPhone 5 that is locked or any other device, and you want to take advantage of the “Bring Your Own Phone” campaign of T-Mobile, then you had better do it today.

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