T-Mobile iPhone 5 With Unlimited LTE: Will It Happen?

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T-Mobile are hard at work to get their LTE network up and running and to do so they have put back their plans on upgrading HSPA+ behind albeit recently announcing an unlimited data plan option. Sprint is also hoping to extend their LTE cover before the end of the year and are boasting their unlimited data plan as an intermediate option until then. Should T-Mobile pull it off in the LTE race, they would come in 4th place, but are they close enough to have LTE in place before the release of the rumored T-Mobile iPhone 5?

T-Mobile iPhone 5: Will it be lucky enough to have an unlimited LTE data plan?

T-Mobile announced that they were working to get their 3G 1900MHz in place before the year was out. Consumers would then be able to enjoy more handsets with 3G speeds, including the iPhone 4S. Anyone using the iPhone on T-Mobile at the moment have to make do with EDGE speeds but they could have their 1900MHz in place by the end of 2012. This would mean that the iPhone 5 should be able to enjoy unlimited data plans with 3G speeds, whether or not T-Mobile decides to offer the device on contract or not.

At the moment trials are underway and T-Mobile could be set to win over customers by offering the iPhone 5 with fast data and unlimited data. However if the iPhone 5 has support for LTE, the big question is will T-Mobile be able to get their LTE in place quick enough? Rumour has it that the new iPhone 5 will be coming out in September therefore it is highly unlikely. If you want the iPhone with LTE on T-Mobile you could have to wait until Apple releases the next version of the iPhone in 2013 (iPhone 6?).

So while T-Mobile may still get the iPhone 5, consumers would have to make speed sacrifices. The question is, with T-Mobile offering unlimited data plans, would this make up for lack of 4G speeds?

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