Forget LTE, T-Mobile iPhone 5 To Get Unlimited 4G Data With No Throttle [RUMOR]

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The majority of carriers want to charge as much as possible for their fast data networks, but T-Mobile on the other hand have gone for a different look and they are going to be offering unlimited data very cheap reports Droid-Life. There appear to be plans for launching an unlimited 4G data plan on 5th September, exactly 1 week before the rumored iPhone 5 world debut on September 12.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 users may have unlimited data plan option next month

The data plan will not come with no throttling whatsoever, making it in direct competition with Sprint who at this time would be the only carrier able to offer unlimited data plans for iPhone 5 would-be buyers.

The unlimited data plan will come with a cost of $20 each month if you add it into the Value plan. If you have the Classic voice and text plan it will cost $30 per month. Therefore is you take out the Value plan that comes with unlimited talk and text and the unlimited data it would cost you $69.99 per month. The Classic plan with unlimited text and talk along with unlimited data would come to $89.99 per month.

While T-Mobile at this moment do not have the 4G LTE network, they have a solid HSPA+ network and this provides impressive data speeds. It also comes with the plus of it not having a devastating effect on the phone’s battery in minutes.

With the iPhone 5 rumored to boast 4G LTE and T-Mobile speculated to be offering it, the pink carrier will need an angle in order to attract customers away from the other top 3 carriers who can give customers LTE. Unlimited data might just work.

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